quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel...

Papel does n_n

Let me tell you once again, God: I'm tired of your childplaying. I can't be a puppet anymore, someone who just accept what you do and never blames. I don't know yet who can I defy you, what can I do to make you angry... maybe because you don't exist at all, am I right?

If I disappoint my family or my friends, I'm gonna make them mad, not you. So what must I do to end this mourning? Tell the truth to everybody? What truth? They already know why I'm suffering, but most of them just ignore and go on with their lives. A sudden help won't come unless you do help me. You know I've tried my best to be happy, so why are you still releasing these challenges to me?

Papel had killed the butterfly, but what now? To wait months and months and kill another one? What about kill myself upon a wheel? Way better, isn't it? It's a rethorical question, of course. People should be sad if I killed myself, but here is the question, why don't they help me? They think I can't do something bad? Something wrong that will hurt everybody?

There is no one to stop me anymore, neither myself, neither the love of my friends... there is just a ghost. A ghost who just watches my life as my friends do. A ghost that doesn't exist. I wanted to be you, God n_n

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  1. I am here to help you. I know you wont do something bad, and you wont hurt me.